Optional Features

Aluminum Auger Tubes
Low maintenance
Long lasting

Suspension Systems
Available in 102" wide
Super single tire applications
Available with Roll Stability and ABS

Front Discharge Unloading
Easy operator positioning
Facilitates access to difficult unloading areas

Aluminum Landing Gear
Low maintenance
Long lasting

Straight Vertical Auger
Flat rotational swing
Easy positioning

Aluminum Subframe
Low maintenance
Long lasting

Drop Gate
Simple operation

Roll Rail Covers
Secures load
Prevents water damage
Convenient for bag delivery

Rack and Pinion Gate
Positive open and close
Regulates flow of materials

Tool Box
Convenient storage area
Weather proof

Horizontal Slide Gate
Available in half and full open designs
Prevents bridging
Provides unobstructed flow

Lighting Packages
Night lighting
High mount stop and turn
Cornering lights

Air Slide Tops
Available in standard and severe duty
Open and close from ground level
Safe and convenient

Flush Box
Enhances bio security
Easy to operate

Safety Rail
Fall restraint system
Fall protection system

Vacuum Retrieval
High volume loading
Easy to operate

Armor Jacket Coating
Long lasting premium appearance
Prevents aluminum oxidation
No acid washing required

Fold Down Slope Plates
Multi purpose design
Adjustable compartment sizes
Prevents contamination

Wireless Remote Controls
Allows full remote operation
Safe and convenient

Loading Ramp
Speeds Delivery
Safe and convenient

Oil Cooler Package
Extends hydraulic system life
Reduces oil usage

Lift Gate
Assists with heavy loads
Safe and convenient

Hydraulic Components
Fully proportional high flow valve
Feathered stop & start

Easy Bend Hose Hanger
Reduces hydraulic hose kinks
Minimizes maintenance costs