Standard Features

Aluminum Materials
Superior appearance
Improved fuel mileage

High Volume Unloading
9”-12”-9” auger system; up to 3,000#/min discharge rate
10"-15"-12" or 12”-15”-12” auger system; up to 6,000#/min discharge rate
Preserves pellet quality

Low Profile Construction
Lower center of gravity
Less wind resistance
Improved fuel mileage

Reversing Augers
Easy clean out
Allows for pit dumping

Lightweight Design
Premium payloads
Proven reliability
Improved fuel milage

2 Piece Auger Drive Shafts
Cost effective maintenance
Ease of replacement
Reversible insert design

Tank Structure
Various capacities
Superior appearance
90% usable space

Rotational Gear Case
Heavy duty design
#80 rotational chain
Durable mounting system

Side Sheet Corrugations
Added strength
Improved rigidity
Dent resistant

Composite Hanger Bearings
No lubrication required
Convenient access doors
Cost effective maintenance

Aluminum Extrusions
6061 high strength aluminum
Low profile construction

Work Port Reliefs
Prevents equipment damage